Trends in UK are ever- changing, mostly when it comes to food. Few decades back, UK was known as the ‘fish and chips’ arena, but with time, there’s been diversity in its gastronomy culture. But now, the UK food market itself is changing. But how and why?

UK is going Organic

One of the changes is the interest of the British in organic food which has been rising for the past years. In 2016, the organic food market has known a rise of 7.1%. As a matter of fact, the organic and food market represents 1.5% share of the UK food market as per the Organic Market Report. Globally speaking, the UK’s organic market takes 4% of the $81 billion organic sales all around the world. The reason of this rising trend is because people are now aware of organic food and their benefits. As a whole, 80% of consumers know about organic food and 39% buy it on a regular basis. One way through which people got the knowledge of this type of food is through social media. People are now driven to look like celebrities which is why they prefer to consume food with less pesticides and which are fresher.

Grow Your Own My Queen

Another practice which has been noticed among Brits is that they are growing their own food. This trend started after the 2007 recession, and as a way to battle the ever-rising prices. In 2012, a report stated that more than a third of British adults grow their own crops. And, 51% of people have claimed that they will start producing their own harvest if the prices carry on climbing. Also, by growing your own crops, it’s a good way to develop a passion for gardening. There are 44% of people who grow enough veggies and fruits to share them with family and friends, while others do it as a hobby. If you too want to try your own little garden, you can inspire yourself from the food and fruit slots at Lucky Pants Bingo. On these delicious slot games, you will see fruit symbols which can be nice inspiration before getting into gardening.

The Recipe Boxes

 Many people are also looking for time-saving tips as after all time is money! Given that people are busy at work and dependent on technology, the recipe box is now the new trend. These magic boxes consist of all the ingredients you need to cook the tastiest of all meals, and you even get the instructions to do it. These recipe boxes are very convenient which is why they are so successful. This industry has gained around £702 million just in 2015! And, analysts have it that by 2025, the sales will climb to a whopping £3.8 billion. Recipes boxes are also tackling the issue of food wastage in UK. In 2017, many people threw edible food, but given that the recipe box gives just the good quantity, wastage will no longer be a problem. However, many supermarkets have realized that recipe boxes might be a threat for them, which is why they are now making their own.

From recipe boxes to organic food to allotments, there’s been a drastic change in the way people consume, nowadays. As people strive to eat better, it could be that Britain is on the edge of becoming a health-conscious nation.