Cerebral Cortex

Sensory information prosecting, thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

Basal ganglia

Involved in controlling movements and deep rooted habits.


Plays a role in processing emotions, particularly fear and anxiety.


Responsible for learning, memory, and spatial navigation.

Increase Focus

Microdosing psychedelics may increase focus and attention, making it easier to remain centered during meditation.

Increase Self-Awareness

Psychedelics can enhance sensory perception and increase self-awareness, which leads to a deeper understanding of the body-mind connection during meditation.

Heighten Your Sense of Presence

Microdosing psychedelics may lead to a heightened sense of presence and awareness, which could enhance the overall experience of meditation.

The “Default Mode Network” (DMN) is a network of brain regions that is highly active when the brain is at rest or in a state of mind-wandering.
This network is thought to be involved in various cognitive processes, such as self-referential thinking, introspection, and memory consolidation.

Studies have suggested that the activity of the DMN can become dysregulated in certain psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety, leading to repetitive and negative thoughts.
The DMN activity is reduced while microdosing, which makes breaking old thought patterns and habits more possible to attain.

Micro-movement practice has the potential to impact the DMN and promote changes in old patterns.
This is because psychedelics have been shown to modify brain activity and connectivity in a number of ways, like increase neuroplasticity and decrease the activity of the DMN, which could lead to the formation of new, more sophisticated thought patterns and habits.

Movement itself has been shown to have an impact on brain function and connectivity, potentially leading to changes in thought patterns and habits.
For example, physical activity has been shown to increase neuroplasticity and improve executive function, which may involve breaking old habits and promoting the formation of new, improved ones.

Combining movement with microdosing could enhance these effects, potentially leading to conscious positive changes in our thought patterns.