Active Flexibility Workshop

At our Active flexibility workshop we will be understanding our current physical limits and current capabilities.  We at Athleticult took upon ourselves helping people to explore and push their boundaries in order to help them to upgrade to a “better version of them”.

Redefining our bounderies

Discover your full potential

Our unique Active Flexibility workshop. We believe that by improving your body’s range of motion (not just it’s flexibility), you improve your abilities.

Weather you lift weights, practice Yoga, martial arts or Crossfit you should and can Increase your joint strength, mobility & flexibility for having better control of your movement by increasing the active ranges of motion.

Performance Enhancement

Combine Active Flexibility with your everyday movement

The advantages of expanding your Active flexibility and mobility extends beyond just athletic development, rehabilitative, and performance goals to a life long process of self study.

All Levels Workshop

Our Active Flexability workshop is based of progression and each routine has beginner to expert levels,

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