Opening monologue quotes by Brian from London Ido Portal documentary:

Quote: “I don’t know about you , but something doesn’t feel quite right, sometimes I look at the world and ask my self why i’m really here”
Answer: the full answer is long and complicated, but as Arjen Lucassen phrased it “the meaning of life is to give life meaning”.

Quote: “I get anxious lost and confused” (too bad)
“I have more friends then ever but i don’t really feel connected”
Answer: number friends doesn’t make you connect.

Quote: “I have all this information but i cant find the truth”
Answer: That’s the reason!! too much information usually will mislead, we don’t lack information, we lack wisdom.

Quote: “The more I seek pleasure , the less i find happiness”
Answer: “These are two different things, they usually collide with each other.

Quote: “I don’t remember that last time i played , was scared, felt human”
Answer: too bad for you.

Quote: “Maybe the answer is inside my own body?”
Answer: No its inside your own head/mind (maybe even soul), the body can be a tool to reach your mind.

Quote: “The only thing that connects me to who i’m really am (my body)”
Answer: That’s a dumb thing to say, if you will lose both your legs you won’t be who you REALLY are? you are not your body, it’s been said before by Stoic Philosophy, Kabbalah (קבלה), Yoga Buddhism and many more that I am not aware of. We can be happy or sad regardless to what happens in or to our body. You can suffer when your body is perfectly fine and you can be happy when you are in pain or even when you’re dying.

Quote: “So I go to the oldest place on earth (Israel)”
Answer: Israel is ancient but definitely not the oldest place on earth, what about Mesopotamia, Iraq and Africa the origin of man kind.

Quote: “To the only person who can teach me” (Brian means that Ido Portal is the only one who can teach him).
Answer: You can learn from so many more.


Ido portal quotes:

Quote: “It’s not about what you wanna learn, it’s about what the teacher want‘s to teach you”.
Answer: The first requirement to learning is the student’s willingness or acceptance to learn, If the student is not willing/open/ready to learn, then he might need another teacher.

Quote: “We are born into the grave”
Answer: Can you sound more dramatic? there is childhood , puberty and only then adulthood where we age and get old.

Quote: “It’s not like you become old and stop playing, you grow old because you stopped playing”.
Answer: You can play all your life and still grow old.

Quote: “The body is us”
Answer: As explained before, we are more then our body, actually if your leg is being taken a way you can choose to suffer and see what you can’t do, and you can choose to see what you still can do and didn’t do yet.

Quote: “Old school Physiotherapy, Freudian was dealing a lot with what happened there (in the past), it’s not as powerful as the stories that you tell your self.”
Answer: The reason Physiotherapy “Diggs in” into the past is to understand what makes you come up with the stories you tell yourself.

Quote: “If you prepare/warm up you legs in the perfect form position, you can’t move for shit, these are the worst movers on the planet (fitness people) they are the people who invest the most amount of time into their physical practice and move the poorest of course the coach potatoes are worse, but for the amount of time invested in movement, they are the worst.”
Maybe they just don’t care about movement? movement is practically infinite, we have endless options how to move our body, maybe they care only about specific movements? for example ‘Tour de France’ cyclists, are probably poor movers and they probably don’t care, because their goal is riding and not moving, which demands only certain type of movement.

Quote: “If you never met me, you never took a class with me, who you wanna criticize what I do?”
Answer: That’s true that there is a fine line between criticizing and hating (ego, jealousy etc’), but there is also a fine line between inspiring others with the truth, and bull shitting others with general or empty statements that are impossible to disproof like the next sentence Ido said “All we can do is just pass time” — so general and vague sentence very hard to argue.