We all know that swimming is good for the body, the cardiovascular system, the back, and spine but the question is how to maximize those fitness benefits? Before you start Googleing “swimming pools near me”, here’s a good guide to getting the most from your time in the pool.

Why start swimming?

We all think that we know why swimming is so good for us, but these are the key benefits that swimming can deliver for you:

Even though swimming is a true cardiovascular workout first and foremost swimming will Improve overall muscle tone and will result in increased stamina. Another advantage that swimming has is  that you  will lose weight without counting calories, mostly because it’s an all-body exercise and will eliminating the impact on the body associated with another exercise


Is getting fit from swimming a good idea?
Swimming in the ocean Photo by Moti_core

This simple program, if followed, will help you get fit from swimming, and by the end of it you’ll be thinking “let’s explore all of the swimming pools near me”. Whilst it is designed for people who can already swim, it can be applied whatever the level. True beginners, however, may find it a bit of a stretch.

The session lengths should be up to 30 minutes long, but no less than 15 minutes in the pool. Whilst reference is made to freestyle, or front crawl, you can mix up the strokes as suits you, and indeed this will expand the benefits that you gain from the program itself. You’ll be spending at least 2 days per week at the local swimming pool, for approximately 3 weeks.

Throughout the program, and each session, you will need to think of your technique more than anything. Swimming is great for the core muscles, but you need to follow proper form if the core is to truly benefit. Also keep your head in a proper position, as throwing that out of sync will mess up the rest of your body too.

Your warm-up should be 4 steady 25 m laps, followed by 6 faster and more concentrated laps, with short intervals after each 2 of these main laps. Concentrate again on form. The cool-down distance is a further 2 steady and technically correct laps.

For your second session of the week, the warm-up and cool down distance remains the same, but the middle section is two lots of four laps, with only one break in between. Repeat this for the first session of week 2.

The second session of week 2 (and first of week 3) has the same warm-up and cool down. The middle section is however 3 lots of 4 laps with a break every 4th lap. If however, you are finding this easy, have only one break either after the first 6 laps or after the first 8. By pushing yourself that little bit further you will be building up your stamina, without sacrificing any form.

Swimming in the ocean Photo by Alejandra Ezquerro
Swimming in the ocean Photo by Alejandra Ezquerro

The Results of swimming daily for 60 days

If you watch professional swimmers one thing you will see is healthy bodies and fit, strong individuals. The best thing about swimming, in addition to all of this is that it takes place indoors and is, therefore, a year-round sport.

Whether you are looking for a good place to start, have already started and are looking to kick on, or you already enjoy swimming and want a challenge, then this program is great for you. All you need is to find the local swimming pool, a good time to go, and then tinker with the program to suit your needs. The rewards will be great, so what are you waiting for.