The  idea behind stop doing “cardio” is not to segment workout to cardio and non cardio, it’s lacking and missing so many other important aspects, I do a lot of “cardio” but you’d never hear me saying “I’m going to do my cardio”. And regarding “Hate cardio” as you are aware of many people do hate it and the reason (as far as I see it) is they are doing something hard with only basic motivation like “lose weight”, or “doctors order”. we’re encouraging people to find a practice, discipline or a workout that gives them the drive and motivation to do the cardio without even noticing.

If you don’t consider the cardio as punishment and sustain it long term than keep on doing what you do or if you like running on a treadmill of-course you shouldn’t stop, it’s just suggesting that there are much more engaging and meaningful ways to work our cardio vascular system.

98% of people are not going to push themselves to the max like David Goggins have done when he ran 10 ultra marathons in 10 weeks, in his first ultra marathon he was in such bad shape that in mile 70 he literally pooped all over himself (and continued 30 more miles!) and couldn’t walk for few days, this is amazing will power but for most people it would also bring long term serious injuries.

David Goggins is no less than awesome! but the sentiment is one thing and what he does count’s more (taking the existential approach), pushing ourselves to do things we hate is critical and with many benefits but there is also pushing yourself too much and he hardly addresses that, you can see many that practice with their ego (guess we all have it in some level) and don’t listen to their limitations and finish up injuring their body , so mental strength is critical but it shouldn’t come on the expense of a healthy body.

cardio alternatives
Endless alternatives to standard “cardio” exercise
It’s a little bit like bodybuilders that only focus on muscle mass, fat % and external looks, and lose focus on other aspects as health, longevity etc. Don’t get me wrong Injuries are inevitable and part of the game but not all injuries are the same, from some you can recover and continue and some just take you out of the game. I also like steady state cardio as a moving meditation for mental toughness, but Practically speaking most people won’t push themselves with warrior mentality. When you’re engaged in the activity you get out of your comfort zone without even noticing it.