We all have movement patterns, weather we are aware of them or not. We should detect them and understand them and make the necessary changes to improve. Types of every day natural movements could be basic like: crawl, walk, run, sit , stand, jump and more advanced like hang, swing, push, press and pull.  Practicing our movement patterns will eventually effect or default movement patterns.

Add awareness and detect your movement patterns

In order to improve our movement patterns we first need to detect the patterns by figuring out what movements we are doing unconsciously on a regular basis, what is set on autopilot? for example: how do we position our hips and spine when we stand? how do we walk, where can we detect non symmetrical postures in our body.

Image of Active Flexibility workshop
Floor work and hip mobility

The intention determines the movement

When the primary intention behind movement is aesthetics (six pack abs and large muscles) then the  movement becomes focused on aesthetics driven fitness, which should not be frowned upon but it is missing the bigger picture just like focusing only on a single aspect of one’s life like career is missing when trying to fulfill ones potential in life.

Movement patterns origins shared with animals

Humans are not animals and should not move exactly like them, how ever humans have co-evolved from aquatic creatures, reptiles and then mammals. So in many ways we do “inherit” properties including movement patterns from other animals that are prior humans in the evolutionary scale (based on evolutionary continuity), investigating movement patterns in animals such as apes and different primates, lizards and others helps us understand our human patterns logic.