Finally, you have decided to improve the quality of your life and joined to the nearest gym . In addition, you consult with friends about bodybuilding and understand that this is a broader field than just lifting weights. And the second part is ” nutrition “.

Why ” Nutrition ” so important? The reason is simply physical activity we do put our body in high pressure. How can our bodies heal faster way? We must provide our body with proteins, carbohydrates and fat. A major issue among athletes is the inability to reach a sufficient amount, and for that reason, we use Supplements. There is a huge selection in the “Supplements”, The question that must be asked, which one do you must or should consume?

So what are the right nutritional supplements for me?

Among athletes, supplements are divided into two groups: ” Supplements for toning ” or ” Mass nutrition supplements “, below you can read the leading supplements, and most important for you.

Protein powder

Protein is a supplement, that most popular among athletes.
Which is good for those people who are in a period of toning and maintaining a low percentage of body fat.

S o first, what is a protein and what role in our body?


  • Operations metabolism
  • Strengthening and healing of bones, hair, muscles
  • Creating hormones
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Joint and muscle elasticity

The protein’s part is to help our muscles recover after exercise, and so actually speed up the healing process and move forward step faster.
Which group belong to the “protein powder”? Supplements for toning

Which way the does supplement come? comes in powder form, it can be mixed with milk/water.


Weight Gainers & Mass Gainers

This is actually a powder containing a combination of protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates as opposed to a kind of “protein powder” in which a minimal amount of carbohydrates. It aims for those who find it difficult to finish the day in a positive caloric balance sheet. The main cause is actually an increase in mass, and thus consume the gainers as an addition to their menu.

The big idea in the consumption Gainer is an increase in the mass but the more serious it is, to build a parallel muscle mass, and therefore we need carbohydrates (carbohydrates = energy) and at the moment there are not enough carbs in our body, the body automatically uses protein to get the energy and the way we spend protein.


Which group belong to the “weight gainers”? Supplement for weight gain.

Which way the does supplement come? comes in powder form, it can be mixed with milk/water.



Creatine is an organic acid, the supplement more common among athletes who are interested in strengthening and building muscle.

There are athletes belonging to the same two groups in the diet.

But we said that creatine helps in building muscle, right? This is true, but the process is happening in the consumption of creatine supplements, is the process of absorption of fluid into the muscle cells and this causes an increase in mass, Although this temporary weight (it eventually fluid) But then, the build muscle faster.

Creatine has several important functions that are:

  • helping Supplement weight gain.
  • improves workout performance.
  • Production of energy in our body.
  • increased fluid absorption to muscle cells.

Which group belong to the “Creatine”? Supplement for weight

gain + Supplements for toning

Which way the does supplement come? The supplement comes as a powder that can be mixed with water (and a lot of water)


Amino acids

Did you know that there are 300 kinds of amino acids, but only 20 of them are important for us in the human body?

We will detail you only those that truly necessary amino acids for you:

BCAA (leucine, and Elin, isoleucine), methionine, lysine, threonine, and tryptophan. These eight most important amino acids in the body and which the body cannot produce alone so we will have to consume it with supplements/foods.

  1. Histidine, glutamine.
  2. There are another 10 amino acids that we will not detail, so as not to confuse you,

For the reason that our bodies produce them alone and do not, we need to put them on our menu.

The role of amino acids in our body:

Each type has a different role in our body (Topic of amino acids is enormous, and it is very important to study it).

Which group belong to the ” Amino acids”? Supplements for toning

Which way the does supplement come? The supplement is coming in the form of tablets.


Fat Burner Supplements

One of the most popular supplements in the market among the men and women of the reason? Still, it is only a capsule that causes fat to disappear! so no! If you consume this supplement, without any exercise, do not be surprised that nothing will work.

As on any product produced in the world also here there are disagreements. Maybe the right question is ” How to consume the supplement on the right path?”

So. Including fat burners are basically a mixture of herbal and vitamins, that speed up the burning of body fat.
How? the Supplement generates energy in our body so we move faster, and actually burn fat faster and more efficiently.

The main problem at the moment in the world of fat burning supplements is that there are many companies that produce them, and they don’t always do it in a healthy way – So beware of imitations!

How do we know, whether this Supplement of the healthy?

The best types often use these components

L Carnitine

This is basically an amino acid whose function is to transfer fatty acids into the mitochondria (energy station mitochondria = body) to the purpose of energy production and thus to create a process of burning fat.


There was some disagreement about the operation of caffeine on our bodies, but the main reason is proven and caffeine makes us energy and our way of functioning more efficiently which helps us burn fat faster.

C. Aurantium

This name is not stressful enough? So there are sources also called “The Bitter Orange”. Like everyone else also came to increase our energy body, which speeds up the process of toning and helps in burning fat.

Green Tea

We will not detail too much, but the green tea has similar characteristics to that of caffeine.

Which group belong to the “Fat Burner Supplements”? Supplements for toning

Which way the does supplement come? The most popular form of Supplement is tablets, but there are other types, such as gum, liquid.


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